Who we are

We are connectors. We aim to connect doctors with PANS/PANDAS medical experts. We connect families with those who understand so they can get emotional and social support. We network and engage people throughout the mid-Atlantic to raise money for PANS/PANDAS research projects so we can finally put the controversy to rest.

We have come together in a grass-roots effort to advocate for our children who cannot advocate for themselves.

We pride ourselves on our dedication, values, and ethical approach in all that we do within our organization, and also on our collective professional and academic experiences that make us a diverse organization.

Jessica <span>Gavin</span>

Jessica Gavin

Founder & President, Legislative Committee, Provider Awareness, Family Support
LaDonna <span>Branson</span>

LaDonna Branson

Vice President, Fundraising Committee, Legislative Committee
Gina <span>Pomering</span>

Gina Pomering

Member of Provider Awareness & Fundraising Committees
Christine Leininger <span>Amabile</span>

Christine Leininger Amabile

Provider Awareness Chair
Christina <span>Teague</span>

Christina Teague